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The Dens are comprised of boys of the same grade working on the same advancements. The boys move along together as Dens to the next advancement level at the end of the school year. Boys do not have to complete the previous advancements to join or move on to the next advancement level. Tiger Dens are for boys in the first grade. Wolf Dens are for boys in the second grade. Bear Dens are for boys in the third grade. Weblos I Dens are for boys in the fourth grade. Weblos II Dens are for boys in the fifth grade.

Den meetings are held weekly an are led by one or two volunteer adult leaders that have received leadership training. Dens function effecively when there is an active parent involvement which ensures a continued quality program. We parents are the primary role models for our boys. The Leaders may be assisted by Boy Scouts (called Den Chiefs) who will be at least 2 years older than the Cub Scouts in the Den. Den meetings focus on planned activities which allow the Scout to earn awards towards advancement. It would not be unusual for the Den to visit other locations during the Den meeting such as Town Hall, Police or Fire Departments, local Food Pantry, a Pizza Parlor, or an Auto Body Shop to name a few.

There are usually Den dues that are nominal and are collected weekly which allow each Den to provide materials for their meetings and may fund a Den social at the end of the year. Uniforms are worn at every Den function.

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