Rank Advancement

Cub Scout Rank Designation


Bobcat BadgeNo matter what age or grade a boy joins Cub Scouting, he must earn his Bobcat badge before he can advance to the rank of Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos. A boy must complete the Bobcat requirements, which include demonstrating his understanding of Scouting's core values. He must be able to recite the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, and motto and demonstrate the Cub Scout sign, handshake, and salute. He must also explain what each of these ideals means, in addition to demonstrating his understanding of the core values of honesty and trustworthiness, and explaining their importance.

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Tiger Cubs

Tiger BadgeThe Tiger Cub program is for first-grade (or age 7) boys and their adult partners. There are six Tiger Cub Adventures. The Tiger Cub, working with his adult partner, completes these requirements to earn the Tiger Cub badge. These requirements consist of an exciting series of indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy in the first grade.

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Wolf Scouts

Wolf BadgeThe Wolf program is for boys who are in second grade. The Wolf Scouts spend the year doing six Wolf Badge Adventures. To earn these badges, a boy must pass all achievements involving simple physical and mental skills.

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Bear Scouts

Bear BadgeThe Bear rank is for boys who have completed second grade (or are age 9). There are 6 Bear Adventures. The Cub Scout must complete each of these to earn the Bear badge. These requirements are somewhat more difficult and challenging than those for Wolf rank.

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Webelos BadgeThis program is for boys who have completed third grade (or are age 10). A boy may begin working on the Webelos badge as soon as he joins a Webelos den. This is the first step in his transition from the Webelos den to the Boy Scout troop. As he completes the requirements found in the Webelos Handbook , he will work on activity badges, attend meetings led by adults, and become familiar with the Boy Scout requirements - all leading to the Arrow of Light Award.

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